Georgetown University, Department of Government, Conflict Resolution Master's Program

Human Security (fall 2019, 2020)

Human Rights & Conflict Resolution (fall 2019)

Intergroup Relations (spring 2020)

Intersections (accompanying summer field fellowships) (summer 2020)

Practicum I & II (fall 2020)

American University, School of International Service, On-line Master's Program 

Causes of War (fall 2018, summer 2019)

Global Governance (fall 2018, spring & summer 2019, spring 2020)

Conflict Analysis and Prevention (spring, summer, fall 2017;  spring & summer 2019, spring 2020)

George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs, Sole Instructor

Introduction to Conflict Resolution (fall 2018)


American University, School of International Service, Sole Instructor

International Relations of Africa (spring 2014, 2015)


Street art in Bogotá, from a 2018 research trip to Colombia.


Boudhanath stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal, from a 2007 contract advising on the conduct of Constituent Assembly elections.

Research is fun!  Today I met a man well

The UN buffer zone in Nicosia, Cyprus, from a 2013 research trip.